We all may be distracted at times and find it a challenge to focus on the task at hand. The reason could be anything from not having slept well for a couple of days, headache, some stress or anxiety issues or a noisy environment. Chronic long-standing inability to focus though is an indicator of ADD/ADHD.

If someone you love, your child or spouse or friend seem to always be on their cell phone, are always distracted, do not appear to be paying attention when you are speaking, they could be having focusing issues due to ADD/ADHD.

One of the most prominent symptoms of ADHD is the inability to focus. Studies and assignments often are a challenge for students with ADHD. Adults find it difficult to complete tasks and projects and their work output suffers as a consequence.

Training the brain with neurofeedback goes a long way in managing ADHD symptoms, particularly the inability to focus. As the brain waves begin to align, clients find their focus improving. They are better able to concentrate and complete tasks.

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