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Unlock Brain Potential

The brain is a wonderful organ, which has enormous potential, and a limitless capacity to learn. It works in patterns. These patterns are in the form of brain wave frequencies and neural pathways and can get changed throughout your life.

Your brain forms neural pathways, whenever you learn something, say cycling or swimming,  These pathways are accessed anytime you sit on a cycle or enter a swimming pool.

Education, experiences, learning, practising, meditation etc. are known methods of training your brain and utilizing the potential.

Neurofeedback: NASA inspired US FDA approved brain training technology makes this process faster. It helps you unlock your brain’s potential and do so much more with your brain and have your brain really work for you.

How We Help

At Brain & Co., we listen to you. We first get to know you and your brain, and we do a comprehensive assessment to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms.

A customized program is designed, based upon the assessment, to serve your needs best.

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The Right Amount

Anything that is out of balance doesn’t work well. Your brain too works best at a perfect mix of slow-moving and fast-moving brain waves. When all the sites of your brain are functioning well, you experience well being.

The Brain Can Be Trained

Your brain possesses a property known as neuroplasticity, which enables it to get trained throughout your life. With training, you may make healthy changes in your brain’s structure that allow it to operate better, so you feel better.

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Take Charge of Your Life

Neurofeedback is a reward-based training technology for your brain. During this training, your brain auto-corrects to work more efficiently over time with a program of feedback and reward.

Your slow moving and fast moving areas are accurately observed and re-trained. With repeated neurofeedback sessions, your brain learns to operate at its optimal speed.

It’s Rooted In Science

Advanced technology and science have made it possible to map your brain and brain waves. With this kind of precision, there is no room left for guesswork, unlike the old symptom and behaviour based protocols.

Our protocols are built on brain data and help alleviate all kinds of health and mental health issues in addition to enhancing focus, concentration, memory and overall performance.

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