Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have spent some time on our website and have a fair idea about what we do, allow us to address any other questions that may come to your mind. Below, we have provided answers to the questions we are frequently asked.

Neurofeedback is a technology used for training the brain. It is a non-invasive training program that addresses the source of your unwanted health symptoms which is an imbalance in brain waves.

Our brain works best when there is an optimum mix of slow-moving and fast-moving brainwaves. Neurofeedback creates this balance. It works on the brain’s ability to autocorrect itself.

Neurofeedback simply monitors the brainwaves and provides feedback to the brain moment to moment. Based on this feedback the brain regulates and balances itself.

There are multiple protocols or methods of providing feedback for your brainwaves. This may include a game or puzzle, audio or watching a video.

Neurofeedback differs from medicine in that it treats the issue at its core, whereas medicines can only alleviate symptoms for as long as they are in your system simply by masking the initial problem.

During a session, you can choose any kind of media. As you watch a movie or listen to audio, non-invasive EEG sensors are attached to your head.

These sensors monitor brainwave activity – how quickly or slowly the neurons in your brain are firing. Based on this activity, the feedback varies – either the picture quality fluctuates or the volume of the audio decreases or both – thereby communicating to the brain that its activity needs to operate within an optimum zone, to ensure an uninterrupted experience.

Whenever the brain accesses the optimal frequency, it gets a reward. The picture and sound become perfect. This happens thousands of times in a session.

Your brain eventually learns from this subtle and barely perceptible feedback and operates within the optimum zone. Your brain is a reward seeker and it keeps repeating actions that beget rewards.

This ensures a change in the brain pattern, in the way the brain reacts and responds, thereby alleviating your symptoms.

There are a few temporary and mild side effects to this training; these are short-lived and include feeling tired/ wired and/ or a mild headache. This is comparable to sore muscles after a good and satisfying workout at the gym.

Absolutely not! Neurofeedback is non-intrusive and 100% safe and is similar to a good workout at the gym. You need not worry. Nothing is going to be put inside your brain.Your brain activity will be only monitored, similar to how an ECG monitors heart activity. Your brain does all the work itself.

Neurofeedback started in the 1970s, but the technology had limitations back then and research was limited. But now with decades of research and advanced technology neurofeedback is being recognised globally as a powerful method of healing.

As the awareness of natural and holistic healing methods is increasing in people, neurofeedback is proving to be an effective, long-lasting solution.

The initial assessment is a one-time appointment that takes roughly 2 hours. We typically ask our clients to commit to 20 sessions.

This enables us to effectively produce results. The training includes 25 neurofeedback sessions (plus 2 retests and a post-training assessment). Each session lasts anywhere between 30- 45 minutes and is done 2 or 3 times per week.

Our approach is unique and tailor-made for every person who comes to us and is often a function of the person’s objectives and our assessment.

Yes, or your money back!

We are confident of our ability to help you enhance your brain’s performance, alleviate symptoms and lead a happy and wholesome life.