Can You Really “Get To The Root”
Of Serious Issues Like Stress,
Anxiety, Depression, Poor Focus,
Poor Memory, Sleep Trouble,
Migraines, ADHD, ADD, OCD,
Dyslexia, Autism, And More,
Simply By…Watching Movies?

“First I was hesitant to believe that a simple and entertaining thing like watching a movie could train the mind. But in a short period of time, I am seeing the results already! I feel calmer and more focused.” – P. K., London

“Neurofeedback has helped me manage stress and improve the quality and depth of my sleep. Now, feeling relaxed after waking up every morning and staying in a better frame of mind are driving me to achieve my peak performance zone.” – Vinay Gayate, Nashik

“This technology has made remarkable changes in my life that I didn’t even know were possible without medication. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or just can’t find anything good going on, Neurofeedback is exactly what you need.” – GV, Maharashtra

“My regular migraine attacks were crippling me. I would lose precious working hours and days to blinding headaches, nausea, sensitivity to light and noise. As a result, my work suffered greatly. Neurofeedback is what truly helped. I not only do not get attacks now, I no longer live in the constant fear of the next one. I am free.” – Adv. Siddharth Varma

“I have gone through an amazing transformation because of my experience at Brain & Co. From a state of extreme trauma and loss, I have reached a space of calmness, awareness and balance. I highly recommend it.” – Rekha Bhatia, Designer, Mumbai

“In just 4 short sessions, I’ve already experienced AMAZING changes, far beyond my expectations. I was skeptical at first, though the technology is used by NASA, I wasn’t sure it would work for me. What I experienced was a huge transformation. I had a surge of energy every morning upon waking, I had no brain fog through the day (even after lunch), and my decision-making was at a higher level than ever before.” – Skye Khilji, CEO, Profit Partnerships Group, London

Dear Friend,

All the statements above are from people just like you.
People who had conditions, challenges, or problems such as anxiety, stress, migraines, depression, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), memory issues, mood swings, anger, and more. Then they learned about Neurofeedback.

Let me tell you my story…

My name is Rahul Jain. I started out on this journey 15 years back as an owner of a medical diagnostic center.

When people would come to my diagnostic center for various tests, they would invariably share their challenges with me. This included anxiety disorders, severe depression, panic disorder, schizophrenia, and other mental health issues.

A lot of them shared experiences of feeling frustrated and helpless in the face of their long-standing mental health disorders that were starting to take a toll on their physical health. They were tired of taking antidepressants, making constant lifestyle changes, and endless doctor visits.

And I thought to myself, “there has to be another way.”

As it turns out, indeed there was. There is. And it’s called Neurofeedback, a form of treatment that can come under the category of alternative therapies for mental illness.

Some people call it brain training because that’s exactly what it is. It trains the brain to perform at a much higher level. I have always had this streak in me to get to the root of problems. And so my research began.

Long story short, after discovering Neurofeedback, I went to the US, Germany, Singapore, as well as Israel and got trained and certified at various levels. Soon, I started practicing and obtaining results for my clients.

At its core, Neurofeedback is about living a happy and medicine-free life. Imagine this- you have a sharp, focused mind, you function from your ‘peak performance zone,’ and you are able to live your best and give your best.

You go through daily life without panic attacks, feelings of anxiety. Instead, your day is filled with immense relaxation and you start to enjoy daily activities like never before. What could be better?

We Know Where The Root Cause Of Your Problem Is Hiding!

No matter what mental health condition you are battling, the root cause of it lies in your brain. To be more precise, in a dis-balance between your brain waves.

We all need a mix of slow-moving and fast-moving brain waves to function optimally.

For example, we need the fast-moving brain waves when we are in the action and solution mode and the slow-moving ones when we want to relax and sleep, enjoy a book, a movie, or a sunset. Sometimes the balance gets disturbed and the brain waves get set in a pattern that is not suitable. And the organ responds in one fixed pattern to a stimulus each time. Even anxiety disorders, fears, panic, etc., are learned responses that have become a set pattern.

The issues you may be dealing with may be simple or complex – simple as wanting better focus and attention, making better decisions, being panic-free, freedom from symptoms of anxiety, depression symptoms, sleeping better, and more. Or the issues may be more complex such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), dyslexia, OCD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and more. In fact, people have come to me with troubles they had been living with for years.

They have tried various things such as relaxation techniques, various types of therapies (psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, exposure therapy, massage therapy psychodynamic therapy) taking herbal supplements and dietary supplements, acupuncture, practicing yoga, changing their lifestyle habits, and have gone to many health care professionals.

Though these treatment options and behavioral therapy techniques have helped, people have found that the results aren’t permanent in nature.

Finding a permanent solution may seem like an impossible dream. But it is very easy when you know where to go and what to do.

When You Know How To “Retrain” Your Brain, Almost Anything Is Possible!

This organ possesses a unique quality called neuroplasticity. This allows it to be trained at any age. When the old unsuitable brain activity pattern is interrupted and a new neural pathway is formed, new behaviors emerge and issues get resolved.

It’s as simple as that!

This is exactly what happens with Neurofeedback. It is a non-invasive technology (alternative therapies to treat mental illness) that was originally developed by NASA to train their astronauts to withstand the pressures and tremendous stresses of space travel. This technology has now evolved into an advanced system that not only helps a person access their ‘Peak Performance Zone,’ but also helps alleviate numerous mental disorders as I’ve mentioned above.

What No One Ever Told You About How Your Brain Works

The brain works in patterns. These patterns are formed as a result of learned fears and habits, trauma, injury, or birth defects.

Irrespective of the cause for the dis-balance of brain waves and fixed patterns, these can be changed with the help of Neurofeedback.

For example, your habits like walking, cycling, using your smartphone, driving, etc. are all a result of neural pathways formed in the brain with repetition. These have become fixed patterns.

The more these pathways are used, the stronger they become. That is why you don’t have to think and concentrate while doing these things. They happen automatically. Even your tendency to get anxious, stressed out, overwhelmed, or angry is a learned behavior operating in fixed patterns.

That is why self-control, will power and positive thinking does not really help. It’s like watering and fertilizing a plant whose roots are damaged.

Ever wondered why no matter how much you tell yourself to stay calm, be relaxed, or stay focused, you still get stressed, irritated, anxious, or angry? Now you know why.

Your behavior is governed by your brainwave patterns which are operating on a set of neural pathways. Only when these pathways are interrupted or new suitable pathways are formed, does your behavior change.

Here’s How You Can Retrain YOUR Brain!

The good news is, you don’t really “do” anything as in, there’s no physical activity involved. The organ does everything on its own. It has the ability to take feedback and auto-correct itself.

When it is shown what to do and then rewarded for doing it, it does that repeatedly, and, lo and behold, a new neural pathway is formed! This is known as a reward-based, feedback system. Neurofeedback training is feedback for Neuro (brain). It is a safe, gentle, non-invasive way to train the brain to work at its individual optimal level.

How We Get Your Brain Back In The “Ideal Zone” While You Watch Movies!

This is exactly how a Neurofeedback training session works:

During a Neurofeedback training session, electrodes are placed on your scalp. (no, nothing goes inside your brain!) The electrodes are then attached to a computer that reads your brain activity. You then watch a movie on a television screen. This can be any movie of your choice. Whenever your brain accesses a peak performance zone, it gets a reward. This reward is in the form of a clear unwavering picture on the screen and sound.

Whenever your brain function is not in that zone, the picture becomes dull, smaller in size, or appears faded. As your brain function naturally wants to see the clear picture, it accesses the zone again and again. And the picture and sound again become clear.

You don’t have to do anything consciously to make this happen. Your brain automatically adjusts to find that peak performance zone.

This happens thousands of times in a single session of approximately half an hour. Don’t worry, it’s barely perceptible. You can still enjoy watching your movie.

When people do their first Neurofeedback session they are amazed by the technology and the process. Nobody has ever seen anything like it.

Now your brain is being trained to operate in a particular desired zone. As we said earlier, the more times this is done, the stronger it becomes. Now, with repetitions, this becomes a habit and the ‘go-to’ neural pathway for the brain.

Now the colleague, whose mere presence would make you irritable and angry, is left wondering what magic pills you’re taking that has made you so calm!

People with anxiety report, again and again, how much calmer and less stressed they’ve become. Patients say they don’t get angry or impatient so quickly. They find themselves sleeping more soundly and waking up refreshed.

How Can You Know What The “Ideal Zone” Is For Your Brain?

You don’t need to worry about that. That is our job. We determine that after a thorough assessment of your symptoms, feelings, emotions, and past history.

We have a bunch of comprehensive tests to get a clear picture of what’s happening with you internally. Based on that, a customized protocol is designed for you.

How Can You Know If This Is Right For YOU ?

Have you been saying any of these things to yourself?

  • I know I need to calm down and relax. I try, but I am just not able to.
  • I know I am more irritable and snappy these days. I wasn’t always like this.
  • I just can’t seem to get out of my low mood.
  • I’ve forgotten what it’s like to sleep like a log for 8 hours at a stretch.
  • I know my child can do better at school.
  • I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  • I try to think positively but it’s like I have no control over my thoughts.
  • I wonder what it would be like to sleep deeply, wake up fresh, be energetic, happy, excited, motivated, alert, calm, and productive.
  • To feel no stress, anger, negativity, depression, ever.

If so, then there’s a good chance that Neurofeedback training could completely transform you.

The First Step On Your Journey To Retrain Your Brain And Live Happily

How do we go about this work and how does it help you resolve your problems?

We get to work with these five simple steps:

  1. You first fix an appointment with me and we meet.
  2. You then fill out a questionnaire about your symptoms.
  3. After the appointment, we do a test called the QIKtest which gives us an idea of where you stand.
  4. We determine if brain training is needed and will work for you (or not).
  5. We then design a customized training protocol for you.

As an aside, there is a very small percentage of people whose brains are already working at their optimal level. If that’s the case, we’ll know by step #4 and wish you well!

If you are a good candidate for brain training, and you feel that it’s a good choice for you, then we get started.

We seat you in a comfortable chair, place electrodes on your scalp, and play a movie of your choice on a TV in front of you and the training begins. That’s it!

WARNING: Side Effects Include Possibly Having The Best Night’s Sleep Ever!

The first thing that the majority of clients report is that they start sleeping really well.

With the effects of Neurofeedback, you can expect to feel better, more positive, and energized.

Some people have a mild headache which goes away after a few hours.

Sometimes, a person may feel ‘wired’ or ‘tired’. The side effects of Neurofeedback, if at all, are pretty mild and temporary. They go away within a few hours or in a couple of days. It’s similar to the muscle soreness that you feel after a good workout at the gym.

We recommend a package of 25 sessions to start with. You need to understand that each individual and his/her brain is unique. How quickly the organ responds to Neurofeedback training, how long it takes for you to start seeing major changes etc. is variable.

It is very similar to going to a gym and working out. Each person and their body is different. My biceps may take longer to get definition than yours.

The number of sessions also varies depending upon the severity of your condition and the duration that you have had it for. But research and years of experience working in this field, show that 20 sessions are needed. However, we offer 25 for long-lasting results. The sessions are done either twice or thrice a week. But this too is not a hard and fast rule.

Depending upon your schedule and how your brain is responding, these can be daily sessions too. Some clients who fly down from different cities over a weekend for their training are able to handle two sessions in a day. So, as you can see, there is a large amount of comfort and flexibility in the Neurofeedback training. A lot is decided only after we meet you in person and understand you and your brain better.

How We Can Guarantee Results

  • I stay updated with this fast-evolving technology of Neurofeedback by upgrading my knowledge and skills periodically.
  • I can now deliver better results with 20 sessions as opposed to 90 sessions needed a couple of years back.
  • I now have the only center in the world which has seven different result-producing technologies to offer under one roof.
  • Once you walk in, there is no way I’ll let you walk out without you feeling better. Or your money back. That’s a promise.

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